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Kool Bananas

The band formed in 1999 when a regular Sunday gig lasting for almost 2 years at the Oatley Hotel in Sydney's South cemented 5 full time musicians into a strong, diverse group. Four years later the KB's are still performing regularly at bars, pubs and private functions.

Matt Heffernan, singer and guitarist, has a pop/rock background and many gigs under his belt. His band of trained jazz musicians, combine their skills with Matt to produce a diverse range of styles and material. This enables the band to work any type of crowd at any venue.

Matt Heffernan

Matt started performing 10 years ago in his own originals and covers band called State of Mind.

In 1998, he left his day job to pursue music on a full time basis and started working in various cover bands as a guitarist and vocalist.

When Kool Bananas started performing regularly, Matt then pursued solo and duo gigs around the Sydney circuit also under the name of Kool Bananas. Since then he has had the opportunity to work in the Whitsundays, cruises, and all over Australia. Though still enjoying travelling to tropical islands for work from time to time, most of Matt's work is in Sydney. As a solo, duo and with his band, Kool Bananas, Matt performs at many weddings, corporate events and of course regular gigs where you can come and meet the band.


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