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Gig Dates

Date Location Combination
23-FEB-08 Oatley Hotel Trio
29-FEB-08 Woolpack Hotel, Parramatta Solo
01-MAR-08 Private Function  
02-MAR-08 Private Function  
08-MAR-08 Private Function  
22-MAR-08 Private Function  
28-MAR-08 Beverley park golf club Solo
29-MAR-08 Coogee RSL Solo
05-APR-08 Private Function  
06-APR-08 Oatley Hotel Jazz Quartet
11-APR-08 Private Function  
19-APR-08 Coogee RSL Solo
25-APR-08 Beverley park golf club Solo
05-MAY-08 Private Function  
17-MAY-08 Private Function  
26-MAY-08 to
Heron Island Solo
13-JUN-08 Beverley park golf club Solo
15-JUN-08 Oatley Hotel Jazz Quartet
28-JUN-08 Mortdale Hotel Solo


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